SIEM Platform Comparison

Take a look at how CDC-On® SIEM compares to the rest of the competition including Splunk, AlienVault, and LogRhythm.

Platform Comparison (SIEM)

# Validation Parameters CDC-ON® Splunk Ent AlienVault LogRhythm
1 Feature Rich Search Engine
2 Agile drill down work flow and built in SOAR
3 Index/ Feature/ Attribute level RBAC
4 Built-in Threat Intelligence
5 Data Lake/ Custom data analytics/ Data modelling
6 Pre-built rapid response actions with alerts for enrichment and mitigation
7 All-in-one agent for data collection and response actions
8 Out-of-the-box matrices for EDR level inputs and actions within all-in-one agent to collect and generate any log.
9 Pre-built use-cases and work-flow engine with MITRE/ Kill-chain Tagging
10 Threat detection and alert work-flow engine with story board for better incident representation
11 Multitenancy and customisable event log/ alert meta data access using built-in RBAC
12 Hybrid SIEM out-of-the-box support and integration with any device platform: custom coding available
13 Lightweight, Master model architecture, multi location, improving packet inspection/ collection/ correlation
14 Out-of-the-box fine-tuning for endpoint data collection using all-in-one agent for improved efficiency
15 Built in packages for compliance & security monitoring standards to enable value from day 1
16 Alert investigation engine with out-of-the box integration for one-click reputation analysis (hash/ domain/ IP etc.)
17 Security monitoring/ Availability & Perf monitoring bundled with no additional purchase of apps/ license
18 Built in UI themes for user friendliness
19 All types of data input support using single collector, IT, OT, and IoT
20 Solution Scalability based on customer requirements including code level customizations and feature build
21 High Search efficiency for large amounts of data
22 HOT/ Warm data persistence