CDC-ON® Success Stories

Check out the companies below that have incorporated CDC-ON®/Services for their organizations and have realized massive cost savings.

Watchpoint Data

MSSP: Managed SOC Service Delivery: 40K EPS
~Yearly Saving: >$250K, since 2017.


SaaS: Security Product Development
~Yearly Saving: >$300K, since 2018.


Managed SOC Service Delivery: 100K EPS
~Yearly Saving: >$400K, since 2020.

Insurance Client

Insurance: Managed EUC, VA-Patch Mgmt.
~Yearly Saving: >$450K, since 2021.


Banking SaaS: Compliance, VA/PT.
~Yearly Saving: >$30K, since 2019.

St. Mary’s School

Edn: SOC, VA/PT, Health Check, IT
~Yearly Saving: >$60K, since 2022.

Robinson Cargo

Shipping and Logistics: CDC-ON® Managed SOC Subscription
~Yearly Saving: >$50K, since 2017.


Technology Startup: CDC-ON® Managed SOC Subscription
~Yearly Saving: >$40K, since 2019.

Banking Finance Client

Cooperative Bank: CDC-ON® Managed SOC Subscription
~Yearly Saving: >$100K, since 2019.

Police Cyberdome

Govt. LEA: CDC-ON® Managed SOC Subscription
~Yearly Saving: >$100K, since 2016.

Muscat Electrical Distribution Company

Utility: SOC, VA/PT, Health Check, IT & OT
~Yearly Saving: >$600K, since 2020.

KIMS Hospital

Healthcare: SOC, VA/PT, Health Check, IT & OT
~Yearly Saving: >$600K, since 2022.


Govt. Critical Sector: Managed SOC Service Delivery Custom, Made-in-Ind SOC/SIEM Platform Development
~Yearly Saving: >$1M since 2021.

CDC-ON® Custom Use-Cases


Advanced Threat Hunting and SOAR

Advanced Threat Hunting and SOAR

Uses Advanced Analytics to
Track Abnormal Network Activity

Outlier Detection

Process and Actor Identification

Response Action


RPA BOT Farm Activity Monitoring

RPA BOT Farm Activity Monitoring

Bot Management & Analytics

Bot Efficiency

Bot Security

Bot Insights

Design and Implement Security Analytics Platform

Design and Implement Security Analytics Platform

Our clients rely on CDC-On® and critical features like security, alerting, and machine learning. CDC-On® ingests, correlates, and analyzes vast quantities of information from thousands of systems across all of its member institutions in order to detect security breaches and cyber threats.

Client SOC security engineers then provide rapid, actionable intelligence back to its members so they can mitigate risks, close security gaps and prevent future attacks.


Security Analytics

Security Analytics

SA Monitoring Process



DevSecOps and APM

DevSecOps and APM

DevSecOps & APM Monitoring

Application Performance Insights

DevSecOps Monitoring



CDC-ON® in Action


Advanced Threat hunting and SOAR

The threat landscape is ever changing in IT environments. Attacks and attack vectors are hard to detect with traditional detection rules and signatures. Cyber Security Analysts are expected to be armed with threat hunting skills to tackle such challenging situations.

CDC-ON® provides advanced analytics and workflows which makes threat hunting easy and effective. Attackers use infinite methods to infiltrate networks by exploiting vulnerabilities within network or people. Phishing emails, web ads, etc. are the most common methods employed by attackers. Latest security reports show high success rates for these attack mechanisms even today. Once getting into a host, the attacker hides himself and the malware within the victim’s machine. Hidden within usual traffic, the attacker exfiltrates data using different protocols and services. This makes traditional detection mechanisms ineffective against such attacks.

CDC-ON® uses advanced analytics to detect outliers from seemingly usual traffic. CDC-ON® can detect unusual traffic from baselined usual traffic and expected behaviors. Analysts can look into multiple dashboards that provide high visibility into user and network behaviors. Once unusual traffic is detected tracking down the true source process, host and user becomes the next step in threat hunting. This is where relational analytics of a SIEM tool can help an analyst without misdirecting him. CDC-ON® can provide instant visibility into process owner and related host activities. By correlating malicious traffic and process owner, an analyst can now look into malware delivery chains. Observing user activity and payload inspection during a specified time window will give insight into the method of delivery whether email or web traffic. Analysts can also look for similar patterns of traffic within the network to track down malware spread.

Once infection is confirmed, the next step is response action. CDC-ON® is integrated with SOAR platforms thus providing advanced responses like:

This makes CDC-ON® unique from other SIEM tools in the market. CDC-ON® comprises of threat detection, analysis and response capabilities.


Our Clients are Happy They Chose CDC-ON®